Radlife helps people solve their problems. This includes anything from custom software development to designing a world worth living in. Our primary areas of expertise are:

  • Websites and web applications
  • General technical consulting
  • Programming
  • Video and media production
  • Systems administration and configuration from the server to the CMS
  • Documentation and technical writing

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Mike – Principal Consultant

Mike with light-ups swords he designed, 3D printed, wired, and coded

Mike with light-up swords he designed, 3D printed, wired, and coded

Mike Kissinger filled out the form that created Radlife as a legal entity. He has been a programmer since his teens and loves to code. Mike has been known to set up everything from custom wordpress sites to garden watering web servers. After more than 10 years of industry experience working with customers, marketers, engineers, activists, VP’s, directors, and CEO’s, he now provides web development and technology consulting through Radlife.

Network Consultants

All Radlife consultants are independent entities. We just play nicely together.

Matt – Video and Media Maven

Matt and his camera

Matt Milhomme has a long career of both amateur and professional video and media production. Since childhood he’s been behind the camera and as an adult he’s been recording, editing, and producing videos for web tutorials, live events, marketing collateral, and more. In addition to his production skills, Matt brings a perspective that keeps media in context – his production process is not just about creating top-quality work; it is a way to communicate ideas, achieve goals, and get results.

Matt’s even got an entry on IMDB for production work and a minor role in a 2010 feature film. He’s been known to rally friends and family to produce short films, cartoon animations, and even home-made sitcoms. His diverse experience, lighthearted creativity, and sincere commitment to his work make him well suited to media production and consulting.

Simon – Engineer Extraordinaire

Just Simon

Simon is a scientist/engineer/developer with over 15 years of experience in both commercial and defence environments. Some larger projects of note include building a mobile hardware/software ground station for an innovative optical imaging satellite, designing a high altitude, long endurance unmanned air vehicle capable of operating for months at 100,000 ft, tracking and monitoring radiation levels on board the shuttle space vehicle and investigating anomalies and malfunctions on board many satellites in orbit.

Due to his unique experience to date, Simon can work towards solving problems on any scale in unfamiliar technical domains and if provoked, against challenging deadlines and budgets.

Simon’s extra curricular activities include using software development, electronics, and physical science skills to innovate in areas such as sustainable living and providing STEM resources to communities.