Radlife helps people use technology to solve their problems. Our primary areas of expertise are:

  • Websites and web applications: Expert front end skills. Experienced with PHP, C#, Node, RoR and Java.
  • Custom programming: C++/Arduino, scripting in Bash or Powershell, and more.
  • Systems administration: Setup and configuration from the server to the CMS. Experienced with Linux, Windows, WordPress, Mediawiki, Sitecore, many other systems.
  • General technical consulting: if you can dream it, we can do it. Probably. We know a lot of interesting folks.

Meet Mike – Principal Consultant

Mike with light-ups swords he designed, 3D printed, wired, and coded

Mike with light-up swords he designed, 3D printed, wired, and coded

Mike Kissinger filled out the form that created Radlife as a legal entity. He has been a programmer since his teens and loves to code. Mike has been known to set up everything from custom wordpress sites to garden watering web servers. After more than 10 years in IT and software working with customers, marketers,¬†engineers, VP’s, directors, and CEO’s, he now provides web development and technology consulting through Radlife.

Since its founding, Radlife has delivered bespoke software to businesses, universities, activists, artists, and open source projects. These projects include websites and digital magazines, systems configuration and reporting, and custom programs written to order. Clear communication, collaborative problem solving, and empowerment through access to technology are values that inform our mission:

To help rad people do awesome things.

Drop us a line – whether you’re trying to build a product, or a world worth living in.

Illuminated clouds made of wire and quilt batting simulate a thunder storm.

Animated clouds produced in partnership with Ecco Pierce of allthingsecco.com.

While art and physical fabrication photograph well, most Radlife projects are websites and software.

Need some technology help? Contact us!