I designed and printed these items for my theme camp at the Firefly Arts Festival. Originally envisioned by dear friend and product manager Abby as a way to represent our camp, these little trinkets also represent my first hardware product release.

Inside is a tiny LED-resistor-battery combo commonly known as a “throwie” because it can be attached to a magnet and thrown to create electronic graffiti. This simple circuit lit up the night and exposed people (some for the first time) to the basics of circuitry.

Because the resistor reduces battery consumption, these should keep their glow for weeks. By the end of our week-long excursion into the woods, each of our 46 members was representing their camp and most had assembled the case and circuit themselves.

This was not just an art project – it was also an electronics micro-workshop intended to empower people by showing them the basics of electro-magic.  It was a fun bit of frivolity with a little bit of skill-building and boundary-pushing. Overall, I’m thrilled with the results and I can’t wait to start work in earnest on additional items.