I’ve taken some time updating the site. This has entailed selecting and tweaking a theme, uploading a logo, and writing new copy. That last part is the hardest part: figuring out exactly what to say.

It’s hard to know how far to go when you’re balancing honesty against “professionalism.”

Yes our people are capable professionals who can deliver amazing work. Yes Radlife is a Legitmate Business™. Yes, Radlife seeks to subvert the current order and develop new ways of relating to one another that enable alternative institutions built on transparency, respect, and openness.

Your site will be backed up. Your video will be well-edited. Your bills may eventually fund development of open-source farm equipment. Your disillusionment with the current system will become a will to think and live as if the alternative is already here. Your living this way will make it real for others.

The only way we will realize the revolutionary potential of this moment is if we enact and present a convincing alternative.

So, like, if you need a website for that, I can hook you up.

Surely you can see why it’s so hard to write marketing copy for this particular project.